Heather at Navy Pier, in the alpaca costume.

Heather Killian is a 2015 graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a lover of all things Halloween, creative, and unusual. 

Heather started as a wall mural painter, and learned that through sculpture, she could make her paintngs more 3 dimensional. She learned to incorporate her love for painting into kinetic pieces of art. This allowed her to make her art mobile, thereby reaching a larger audience and making more people smile. 

She first started experimenting with costuming when she was about 9 years old, after seeing Star Wars. She loved the Storm Troopers and wanted to be one for Halloween. So she took to gathering paper towel tubes and an old ripped sheet, that she fashioned into the armor of a Storm Trooper and proudly wore it to school.

That was the catapult for a lifetime of large and unusual costumes for herself,  her children and eventually people that she would meet through her journey of life.

Heather's creatures are a visual language of joy.  And through them, she is able to share what makes her ecstatic. 

A child like wonder of all things unusual has helped Heather keep a sense of awe and an open mind to following the "dirt road" rather than the "paved path."

There doesn't have to be a specific motive or meaning to every creature, she just gets excited over the idea, and runs with it.

The first giant creature was the sloth, she took him up and down escalators and all around the city of Chicago. What a sight to see! He even got stuck in a revolving door. It brings absolute smiles to peoples' faces to watch a giant sloth trying to escape a revolving door.

Or a giant pink flamingo running under The Bean, at Millenium Park, while being chased by a bunch of school kids that are there for a field trip.

Life's too short not to enjoy and be silly, so it is her intention to continue to create as many goofy, off the wall, fun loving creatures as possible.

 Chicago Tribune picture.